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Interactive Suction Cup Dog Teething Cleaning Chewing Toys

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Product description

Soothe puppies’ painful gums

…And save your shoes and socks from destruction.

Satisfy their needs to chew

Anyone who has raised a puppy knows that the teething period is intense. This is the perfect time to teach them what’s safe to chew and what’s not with a toy like this.

Sore relief

When dogs’ baby teeth are replaced by adult teeth and molars, it can feel severely painful on the gums. Teething toys can remarkably reduce the pain, clean their teeth and massage stressed gums.

Save your furniture

At the teething stage, chewing may seem like your puppy’s obsession. You may want to cover everything in a protective box, or give them the perfect toy to chew on.

Interactive toy with strong suction

A mighty suction cup is provided to help the toy stay perfectly on the surface and keep the fun never ending.

Get one for your puppy!


  • Material: TPR

  • Dimensions: 

    • Length: 40cm

    • Suction Cup: 10 x 7cm

    • Teething Ball: 6 x 6cm

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